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Your rapid shortcut to creating and publishing traffic-getting, sales-creating
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EzLexa is a cloud app that allows you to build an audience using Alexa faster and easier than ever, with zero coding.

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What Customers are Saying About EzLexa...

“I thought it may be difficult or time consuming to actually get my content into the Alexa app and Echo devices, but boy was I wrong. It only took a minute or so to create my Flash Briefing and in just 2 days it was live on Amazon! This piece of software is truly a game changer. Make sure to pick up your copy as I highly recommend it.”
Alicia Lphotographer / fashion interactive
“Our agency was struggling to get any results for our clients (and land clients ourselves) through FB, Instagram, Cold Calling, etc. We were desperately for something new so we gave Ezlexa and voice marketing a shot. Already it is driving more leads than our FB campaigns for literally 1/100 of the cost and we’ll be using it for our clients which will triple our monthly revenue.”
Rob FProgrammer
Stop peddling the same boring local services and sell something fresh that’s working great. Create a daily Flash Briefings for local ‘brick & mortar’ businesses like daily auto news, tips, and deals for a car dealership, or weight loss tips briefing for an online business that sells Paleo Diet eBook for example. The opportunities to profit are endless.
Leah C.Educational

Ok, So, What EXACTLY Does EzLexa Do?

01. Contact
Decide on a niche for yourself. Or let your client know they can get their business onto Amazon to reach new customers and keep their current one’s up-to-date with promotions and news.

Alexa marketing works for any business including “brick and mortar” businesses, blogs, eCom shops, Podcasters, and more.
02. Create
Begin uploading content to EzLexa to make into a Flash Briefing to send to Amazon. These can be short, helpful tips in the form of text paragraphs, audio snippets and more.

The best part is, you don’t need to create the content from scratch. Curate text or audio from previous blog posts, podcasts, and more using built-in content creation tools inside the app.
03. Schedule and Publish
Schedule briefings to send 30 days in the future so your Alexa channel users always have a fresh stream of daily content.

After you’ve uploaded your content, hit “Send” and EzLexa will send your Flash Briefings right to Amazon with no complicated coding required for new listeners to find.

Welcome to the world of Voice.

Are you going to ignore voice marketing... or leverage it to rake in a staggering amount of FREE buyers for your business?

Getting your content onto Amazon Alexa is equivalent to using Twitter in 2006 or Instagram in 2010. There’s more opportunity available than any one business can handle!

Think of Alexa and voice-first marketing as a “land grab” for marketers equivalent to Thomas Jefferson purchasing the Louisiana territory for 3 cents per acre.

Here’s how to get into millions of people’s smart speakers right now…

Ever heard of Alexa Flash Briefings?
Flash briefings are short, informative pieces of recorded audio containing news, tips, advice, round ups or how to information on any topic.

Simply ask “Alexa, what’s the news?” or “Alexa, play my Flash Briefings” and your device will play your flash briefings while you’re waking up, having breakfast, taking a shower, or relaxing at home…

without reading blogs, emails, social media or running Google searches!

What if you could create your own Flash Briefings and have new listeners (and your current audience) find them in the Alexa App?

In just hours from now, you and your agency clients could be reaching a brand new audience through their smart speakers for free…

With your own Alexa channel and Flash Briefing Skills in the Alexa store, people can add it to their device and start receiving your audio content in just hours from now.

Yes, any business globally or locally can profit easily with Flash Briefings!

Marketing agency

New trends in digital marketing
How to improve your conversion rates
PPC optimization tips
New marketing ideas for the week ahead
Quick case studies

Fitness website

Suggested workouts for the week
Tips on back friendly exercises
Round ups and reviews of the latest fitness equipment

Baby products ecommerce store

Tips for breastfeeding
News on baby development and learning
Round ups and reviews of the latest bibs, cribs and strollers


Creates several Flash Briefings for different regions in the U.S.
How to make the most of your landscape
When to fertilize tulips in the midwest
When to plant citrus in the south, and more.

Create Alexa Flash Briefings in Just a Few Clicks

Create text-based or audio Alexa Flash Briefings with just a few clicks and schedule them to your Amazon Alexa for customers to find and engage with.

Create Alexa Podcast Briefings in Minutes

You can also connect an RSS feed of your podcast to syndicate your podcast episodes straight to your Alexa channel in just minutes to reach a whole new audience with no extra work needed.

Schedule Briefings in the Future to Send to Amazon

Batch and schedule your briefings 30 days in advance with EzLexa. This will save tons of time from having to log in every day if you want to put out daily flash Briefings. Schedule an entire months worth of Alexa content in just minutes now.

Commercial Rights to Sell to Clients

Stop peddling the same boring local services and sell something fresh that’s working great. Create a daily Flash Briefings for local ‘brick & mortar’ businesses like daily auto news, tips, and deals for a car dealership, or weight loss tips briefing for an online business that sells Paleo Diet eBook for example. The opportunities to profit are endless.
There has never been a better time to tap into this exploding technology to rake in new followers, leads and sales day after day.

Whether you want to explode your own business or become a marketing superhero for your clients, EzLexa is about to change everything for you.

People are getting lazier and have less time than ever and this is how you reach them and get paid. With Flash Briefings, you or your clients can finally reach buyers when people wake up, return home from work, and before they go to bed as your content becomes part of people’s daily routine!

Are you starting to see the mind-blowing potential here?

Buy now to get everything you need to crush it with Alexa marketing in 2019 and beyond…

Can you afford to stay STUCK in the past?
If you want to get ahead of the crushing competition on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google and more…

then you need to find fresh new pastures where your audience is hanging out.

Millions of people are now using Alexa to get information and advice from Flash Briefings and this is your chance to get in front of this raging river of free traffic while the competition is still sleeping.
  • Ready to sidestep the competition and reach millions of buyers for free?
  • Plus, starting your own Alexa skills agency is where the real money is at!

You’re protected by our 100% money-back guarantee

If you don’t agree this is the biggest opportunity in 2019 and EzLexa is super easy to use, then you pay nothing!

It’s that simple.

We know this business works…

And we know our Amazon Alexa voice marketing suite makes it easy for you to deliver monthly services to hungry clients even if you don’t know anything about Alexa, coding, design or running an agency!

We’ve done all the hard work for you.

The software handles the technical stuff, saves you heaps of time and years of learning…

And the tutorials show you exactly where to find clients today and get them to hire you on the spot, without any sales skills or cold calling.

If you don’t exploit this, your competition will.

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This is a Limited Time Offer and May be Removed Soon...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a monthly fee app and am I getting support?
Ezlexa is currently being offered for no monthly fees only through this deal. You’ll get full access to everything you see here today for the price listed above. And yes, we have full tutorials plus support if you ever have questions or concerns

What all am I getting with my purchase?
With Ezlexa Commercial you can use for your products and clients. Today you'll get all features showed on the sales page with ability to create 50 Flash Briefings Skills at a time, 50 Podcast Briefings Skills at a time, and 50 Custom Interaction Skills at a time with ability to upload unlimited content and daily updates. Plus, you’ll get unlimited access to the audio record and content generation tools. There will be an upgrade available if you want to run more campaigns and get more testimonials.

Does this work for Mac and PC?
Ezlexa is 100% cloudbased so it works with an internet connection on any browser, although we recommend using Google Chrome.

Can I think about it and return later?
As stated, this is a one-time special offer. If you leave and return we can’t guarantee it will be available for the same price or available at all. If you want access it’s best to claim it right now by clicking the button.
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